A Friend from Ukraine and other Stories

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Autori : Gloria Leoni, Zsófia Zelnik ISBN : 9788836013241 Rivista in abbonamento Materia : Inglese Editore : Hoepli Durata della licenza (in giorni) :
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This is a contemporary and true story. Vladislav is a young refugee from Ukraine. He has to leave his country, after the Russian invasion, in 2022. Luckily, he joins a welcoming group of High School students, Daisy’s class, and makes new friends. Jennie, Daisy’s aunt, tells her daughter and her nieces the story of Zhenya. He is young man from Belarus and when he was a boy, he was hosted by Jennie, after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Now, Jennie and her family are going to volunteer once again, aided by a very supportive community. The text includes a variety of activities for the 4 skills and 4 dossiers to learn English and Civics together (Religions and Cultures, COVID-19 and health care, Ukraine’s past and present, Consequences of Climate Change). The volume gives access to the full recording of all the stories and many of the activities online.